The first official day of winter got off to a suitably wintery start. Minus 4 degrees and thick mist.
We have been busy over the last few weeks moving our less hardy plants into tunnels. Most would not be killed by frost, but it can damage the young growth making them unsightly for early season sales next year.

Now as winter is about to take hold, (4°C forecast for Wednesday 2 November at the nursery) it's a good time to see which gems in the garden are still in flower. These are the star plants that give months of colour and prop up the others that, gorgeous as they maybe, are not stayers .

We could not have planned it better, lots of hot summer days and now some good drenching rain. It all adds up to very good conditions for Autumn planting.The ground is warm and moist the best combination for establishing new plantings.

The wet spell has come just in time to refresh the garden. The rain will also ensure hat the late summer/ autumn flowering plants don't falter.
Hopefully the rain will refresh the gardener as well, to get out and dead head perennials and annuals like the lovely Cosmos and Salvias. This really helps to keep plants flowering for longer.

The late start to good weather this year has now been forgotten. We have had weeks of good weather and the plants have been loving it.

After a very disappointing June we are still waiting for summer to arrive. However the warm temperatures coupled with plenty of rain means the plants have really grown well. What we need now is a nice settled spell to encourage people into their gardens and hopefully keen to buy more plants.

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Instead of advancing towards summer, the weather has taken several giant steps back towards winter. If it's not hail stones clattering down, it's cold winds from the north west rattling the the doors of the potting shed. - Come on this is South Devon! We have holiday makers who want to wear shorts. The long days seem to be enough for the plants to grow away, so that is encouraging.

Storm Katie battered its' way across the South over the Easter weekend. It drenched the ground again, causing flooding and uprooting many trees. Things had started to dry up and will quickly do so again with the longer days and higher temperatures.
The young hedging plants are all growing well and are starting to be added to our web site.

March may be the official start of spring, but the weather shows little sign of agreeing so far, still more rain and gale force winds. We have had some nicer cold clear days and the sun when it shines is really gaining strength.