December News from the Nursery

The first official day of winter got off to a suitably wintery start. Minus 4 degrees and thick mist.
We have been busy over the last few weeks moving our less hardy plants into tunnels. Most would not be killed by frost, but it can damage the young growth making them unsightly for early season sales next year.
Although we have had a few frosts the ground is still warm enough to plant shrubs and now is a great time to get a hedge established.
We have a wide choice at the moment including the ever popular Griselinia littoralis, Elaeagnus x ebbingei, Olearia traversii, and many varieties of Pittosporum. Viburnum tinus Lucidum also makes an excellent hedge or stand alone specimen, with lovely dark glossy evergreen leaves and heads of white flowers.
There are also plenty of shrubs available which make a more unusual and distinctive hedge. Luma chequen for example is an upright growing Myrtle with sweet smelling evergreen leaves and white flowers, while Myrtus communis Tarentina will make a beautiful neat low hedge.