Once again the weather is the main topic on the nursery. So far this month we have had some beautiful still sunny days, together with a day of torrential rain and our first frost of the winter.

We were very pleased to be able to get another poly tunnel covered on one of the warm days, not a job we can normally manage in November, but the conditions were perfect.

September brought a varied mix of weather - a mini heatwave, gale force winds and torential rain, so we are hoping October will prove a bit more settled.

We have three more poly tunnels to try and re-cover this autumn for which some nice calm sunny days are needed.

Now that the holiday season is coming to a close, thoughts can return to the garden. After a very indifferent August weatherwise we had a beautiful bank holiday weekend - most unusual.

September has made an extremely wet start, with local roads around here flooded. However the rain combined with the warm soil conditions make it ideal for planting.

The summer holidays are upon us and we have had the weather to go with them. It has been very hot on the nursery, which from the plants point of view can be quite challenging in their small pots.

The larger specimens that we grow, mainly in 10 litre pots are easier to keep sufficiently wet.

June has brought us down to earth with a bang. Torrential rain and near gale force winds have been having a disastrous effect on the outside stock. Just when they were at their most lush and vunerable stage the wind has caused a lot of damage.

In spite of the weather we do have a lovely range of plants ready at the moment and hopefully we will soon have more settled conditions.

After one of the driest springs I can remember, we did finally get some much needed rain over the bank holiday weekend. While growers and gardeners were delighted, there were a lot of soggy holiday makers who were not so pleased.

We are busy on the nursery as everyone seems to have the gardening bug, brought on by the lovely weather. So sorry I am late with this month's note.
Beautiful though the weather is and no nurseryman would admit to disliking the sales it brings, it does mean that watering duties have increased.

Lovely day and I am out on the nursery doing a stock list of what's available. Apart from plants rolling about after several days of gales it's all looking spring like.

If February is to continue in this current manner I am glad it's a short month. We are waiting to be engulfed in rain (already here) and gale force winds, up 70 mph, so not a nice prospect.
At least it is mild at the moment so we are taking advantage of that and potting frantically.


At last we are getting some cold winter weather, nice and sunny today as I write this, a welcome addition.