December News from the Nursery

Even though we are situated in a mild area of coastal Britain we have felt the winter chills. Not only have we had low temperatures but we have had strong winds and more rain than one would think possible.

To protect plants in containers from frozen or waterlogged conditions place them against a wall with shelter from rain and cold. In mild dry spells - should we get some, remember to check evergreen plants as it is not always evident if they are starting to dry out. Water when dry but make sure the excess is able to drain away.

As the ground is now wet it is not a good time to work on borders especially if the ground is heavy clay. Chopping down of herbaceous plants can be done later and if left will give shelter to overwintering insects like ladybirds.

We have been very busy propagating for next season and have good stocks of saleable plants for sale now and in the spring.