November News from the Nursery

Now as winter is about to take hold, (4°C forecast for Wednesday 2 November at the nursery) it's a good time to see which gems in the garden are still in flower. These are the star plants that give months of colour and prop up the others that, gorgeous as they maybe, are not stayers .
First up shrubby Salvias. Any garden with a sunny spot cannot afford to ignore this group of plants. The herbaceous Salvias are also winners, even the tender ones are worth growing and taking a few cuttings to overwinter. Plant Salvias in the spring to ensure they get a good start.
Verbenas – still in flower and have been since the late spring. Amazing.
Penstemons have lots of flowers for ages, and benefit from dead heading.
Euryops chrysanthemoides is a small shrub that flowers continually in sunny sheltered sites.
Hardy Fuchsias are very long flowering and indispensable in coastal gardens or for providing shelter in mixed hedging, such as Riccartonii, magellanica molinae Alba and magellanica Floriade. They are also useful for partial shade areas.