September News from the Nursery


Well as we head into autumn, we can look back on what has been a most unusual and at times very difficult season. The year started full of promise with good early sales in January, but then came "Covid". At first no one knew how this was going to play out, but everyone was being very cautious with their buying, especially our garden centre customers. Then came lockdown, just when sales should have been at their peak. 
We were lucky, as many of our garden maintenance customers were able to keep on working and of course our internet sales suddenly went mad. 
However it was still very difficult to know how to manage the season. We had all our young plants ready to pot on, but were reluctant to go ahead, not knowing how long lockdown was going to last.

Since the garden centres have been open again sales have been very good, but because our growing schedule was so disrupted we have been running out of stock.

The weather this year has also been a bit challenging! We have had extreme heat, torrential rain and violent gales.

Nevertheless we will continue to do what we love - growing plants - and look forward to more normal times.