November News from the Nursery

It really feels winter approaches now that the clocks have changed, along with weather. The rain I think must be needed, to replace the ground water, after such a long hot summer.

The autumn colour is lovely around the nursery, it glows. A very good year I think.

We are busy on the nursery mainly with sales from the internet - thank you - and our local and not so local gardeners, landscapers and designers.

With all this rain at the moment, keep an eye on pots and containers that might get waterlogged. Raise them up on feet of some sort, bought or improvised. Not only will the water harm or even kill the plants in your container, the pot itself is more likely to break in frosty conditions.

There are still plenty of plants looking good and now is and ideal time for planting with the soil moist, but still warm.

We have several varieties of Correa available, which with their bright tubular flowers make a great addition to the winter garden. It is also an excellent time for planting an evergreen hedge and we have good stocks of the ever popular Griselinia littoralis, many varieties of Pittosporum and Corokia. The Corokia is not very widely known, but it does make a beautiful evergreen coastal hedge.