Notes from the nursery - Reflections on 2020

The first lockdown of March 23rd came at a critical time for selling our overwintered stock and propagating for the coming season. We dithered about whether it was sensible to propagate. If we didn't  pot it on we wouldn't have anything to sell, but would we have any customers? So we compromised and reduced the amount we propagated, which in hindsight was the wrong choice as trade was very good and we ran out of some lines. 
To make up some short falls we bought more in from UK growers as young plants to grow on.

Going forward in 2021

We are now in a worse position with Covid-19 countrywide, which is devastating. No one can really say how this year will unfold. However after last year we are more optimistic that sales will hold up and we look forward to supplying our trade and internet customers.

We have replaced a tunnel that was destroyed in gales last year, we just need a warm day to put the polythene cover on.

Due to avian flu, which means all poultry has to be kept away from wild birds that may be infected. We are housing our small flock of 7 hens in one of our tunnels at the moment, so space is getting tight!