June News from the Nursery

Fantastic growing conditions - perfect with warm weather and some rain, can almost see the plants grow.

For small gardens where space is limited, but some colour is required over a long period, look for the 'super'   flowering plants. These could be herbaceous plants like Nepetas and Achilleas, which can be cut back when the flowers finish, but then quickly produce new flower stems.

The dainty Erigeron karvinskianus, which is happy growing in walls - paving - or the edge of steps, seems to flower for ever and is not put off by the occasional 'hair cut'.

Shrubby Salvias now becoming available, flower from May until it gets really cold - brilliant for borders or containers. Anisodontea El Royo a medium size shrub for a sunny spot has a constant supply of large single pink flowers from early spring until autumn.