January News from the Nursery 2019


We are enjoying, if that's the right phrase, mild dull windless weather in South Devon, but according to the forecast not for much longer. I hope we don't have another cold spell later on in the winter when the plants are starting to grow.

With this threat of icy weather hanging over us, it is a good idea to delay cutting things down at the moment. That bit of scruffy dead stuff on herbaceous plants will help to protect the plant below. Unless the ground is frozen it is a good time for planting, with no need to worry about watering.

There is always something of interest in the garden. At the moment there are flowers on the Iris unguicularis and the Lonicera x purpusii Winter Beauty. Cornus are showing off their colourful stems and the Helleborus argutifolia are flowering - always good for early bumble bees that we often get around here. We also have primroses out, wild ones that seed under the hedges, along with the fragrant wild violets.