December News from the Nursery

We needed some rain and now we have had it in abundance, plants on the outside beds that were suffering from drought are now waterlogged!  More damaging than the rain were the gales, having managed to re-cover three tunnels in the autumn we lost half of our large twin span tunnel to the latest storm. With winter now with us there is little chance of repairing it until the spring.

We are well on with our winter propagation, with the heated beds now almost full. Already evergreen subjects like Griselinia are sprouting roots and will be ready to pot on in the new year and so the cycle continues!

If you have any pots and containers outside make sure they are raised up clear of the ground to prevent waterlogging, as too much water in the winter kills more plants than the cold. However do make sure to either protect more tender plants with fleece or move them into a frost free position.